I've been playing for about a year so I wouldn't call myself an absolute beginner, but I don't know that I'm at the "intermediate player" level yet. I'm looking for some good acoustic songs to learn, something more than just strumming a few open chords. From what I can gather, I have a pretty decent knowledge of basic scales (pentatonic & blues mostly, not ready to move up to different modes or anything just yet) for someone with only a year of playing under their belt. I'd like to stick with standard tuning, I would prefer to get better at the basics before I start playing around with others. I'd particularly like to work on using entire major or minor scales instead of just pentatonic type stuff. Does anyone have any good song recommendations? I'm open to pretty much any genre, I've found that giving songs a chance before tossing them out based on genre alone is a good way to miss out on some great stuff. Thanks
if you have a capo, damian rice's song cannonball was the first song i learned on acoustic without the use of chords. bob dylans always good as well.

maybe try some jack johnson too, such as better together or banana pancakes, because they use some different sounding chords, such as slash chords (where you play a chord, with a different bass note, like fretting a D chord, then putting your pinky on fret 4 of the d string to make a D/C# chord) or 7th chords.

the suggestion i always make is iron and wine though, if you want some relatively easy fingerpicking songs, listen to the album "our endless numbered days", for a different outlook on the guitar, rather than chord strumming.

hope that helped dude, good luck with learning
Save a Horse Ride a cowboy by Big and Rich. It's just A and E over and over again. You can play some E penatonics for the solo. Thats just a crowd pleaser. There are so many songs out there, man just pick a song you like.