This is my solo project, The Thorn and Tear.

Just finished my first self-recorded album. The end result is pretty good, and so I felt like sharing it. Style is pretty varied. It's metal, but it spans multiple sub-genres and influences.

Check it out, feel free to leave you thoughts.

Commenting on The Paths of the Dead:

Not a fan of the vocals, possibly just me, but yeah. the guitars are a little distant, either too much reverb, or just too quiet. The snare needs some high end, it's pretty weak. Around 2:30, it gets pretty sick, good buildup to something epic as hell. Oh nice these vocals are not nearly as bad, fit the genre better.

Hahaha!!! I love this kind of music! There aren't enough people who do good folk metal these days. Okay, reviewing mode now. "God of War" is pretty great. I personally like that vocal style, and the lyrics are pretty catchy too. The guitars could be turned up a bit in the mix, but that's about all that can be improved.

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