I've noticed that in the five years I've been playing guitar and singing, there have been several songs that have made a huge impact on the music I enjoy and the bands I gravitate towards when I write music. Thus, what are some songs that have been milestone songs for you as a musician, e.g. songs that particularly struck you in some particular way? Did they change your tastes the way you write, or did they bring a profound emotional impact? Or both? I'll submit my songs in a moment.
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Mainly for me it's just simple folk songs like Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show. And then theres also just memorable songs with catchy aspects that have me playing them (mostly Against Me!) haha
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~Ramblin' Man ~ The Allman Brothers ~ Turned me onto the version of the major pentatonic that Dickey Betts used and that I prefer to most forms of it, as well as introducing me to slide playing.

~Sunshine Of Your Love ~ Cream ~ Up until I heard this song I enjoyed music, but as far as rock I was mainly a Beatles guy. I had heard of Clapton due to his relation with George, but I had never heard his guitaring before. This was the song that made me pick up lead instead of constantly chunking out chord after chord.

~Free Bird ~ Lynyrd Skynyrd ~ When I heard this song I wanted to learn it more than anything else. In what is still one of my biggest testaments to my hearing, with only two years of experience at the time, I sat down and figured out this entire song by ear, solo included. Granted it was all staccato with no bends, but it was still big to me.

~Bohemian Rhapsody ~ Queen ~ This changed everything. It got me using scales other than pentatonics, it got me into progressive rock, and it got me into one of my absolute favourite bands, Queen, and now I am proud to say that they are one of the two or three bands I own the entire discography of.

~Communication Breakdown ~ Led Zeppelin ~ Everyone changes when they first hear Zeppelin. I was no different, and even nowadays years after I stopped being an obsessed Zeppelin fanatic, Zoso's influence is still evident in my playing.

~For The Love Of God ~ Steve Vai ~ Wankfest? You bet your ass. But it did cement the idea with me that both a guitar can be used as a primary instrument in an instrumental in a musical sense, and, as the version I heard was from the Sound Theories DVD, made me realize that guitar + orchestra = awesome.

~The entire Blow By Blow album ~ Jeff Beck ~ See the first thing the above did. Amplify the effect about tenfold.

~Run To The Hills ~ Iron Maiden ~ This is the song that made metal appeal to me. Before that I was an "It's angry noise about death" idiot who had never bothered to listen. Maiden is still one of my favourite bands.

~Black Magic Woman ~ Santana ~ Can you say "Introduction to bending"?

~More Than a Feeling ~ Boston ~ This was the first song that introduced me to the concept of incendiary guitar rock as popular music. Until then it seemed you were either a huge commercial success, an awesome virtuoso, or an old legend from the 60's. No in-between. And yes I'm aware that Zeppelin was guitar-rock that was immensely popular, but that had a much more bluesy feel for me, and fits the "60's legend" thing. It also helped, along with the first Queen album, to introduce me to the ide of guitar multilayering and harmonizing.

~The entire Born To Run album ~ Bruce Springsteen ~ The fuckin' Boss and the Big Man. Enough said. Clarence may not be a guitarist, but his phrasing has influenced me hugely, and Bruce is both one of my favourite singers and one of my favourite lyricists.

~Any Way You Want It ~ Journey ~ Take the "Introduction to popular kickass guitar" from Boston, then have Neal Schon crank it to 11.

I'm sure I'm missing plenty, but I figure that's enough for now.

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All piano

Cat and Mouse by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

First year of playing piano I never used my left hand(bad ****ing teacher...) so I learned this song using just one hand even though technically it's a two handed song....worked out very well in the long run.

Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne

Speed playing...ah...god yes xD

My December by Linkin Park

First song I ever edited and made my own and through this learned the art of improvisation xD
I recently figured out cowboys from hell and now im more confident in my riffing as ever and number of the beast by iron maiden