My interest is in rock/indie and im looking for people to join me in doing some covers together, and laying down some basic tracks/improvs

I've been playing just over a year and my strength is in rhythm, so would ideally be looking for another guitarist, a drummer and a bassist. I think that by playing with people of the same level we can all help ourselves improve.

I was thinking that we could use a guitar pro track as a basis then all of us recording our individual parts and mixing it together.

If anyones interested then please get in touch
I'd definitely be interested in such a collaboration. Do you have any demos or ideas in place?
By the way, I'm a guitarist.
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nothing original recorded but do have some copies of my playing on some covers.

Am interested in bands like Queens of the stone age, oasis, some led zep acdc etc
I'm a guitarist and I'm interested in joining the band. Message me if you're interested. I can do rhythm and maybe some lead.
anyone interested in this now? got new recording equipment and working on my solo work quite a bit lately, been playing a lot more rhcp influences
Id be interested in Bass, finally got a new computer, but I no longer have guitar pro, Ive been playing 4-5 years though, so this isnt all that new to me
I can sort you out with a tab reader. Be it tuxguitar or guitarpro. What are your musical interests?
Huh, Never even heard of Tux reader lol, The only thing i do have is power tab atm, But I know how bad it is compared to guitar pro :P, And my musical interests are mainly anything in the Grunge and indie music, But Ill play anything, I've been in a few metal bands,and played bluegrass with kids on numerous occasions.
Nice one lespaulkid, thats the whole point of this band - to give an opportunity to peiple who are still impriving. What r ur musicak interests?
Led Zeppelin, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Guns and Roses, RHCP, Metallica, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pink Floyd, 60s through 80s rock, basically, are my favorite bands/styles. I do love alt.rock though, indie, however it can be called, lol.
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any suggestions of a track we can start work on? my interests are pretty wide and its gonna be a good opportunity to knuckle down and nail a track.

facelesspride do you still want to be involved?
Yeah i still do, and RHCP snow (hey oh) sounds like a decent first cover, plus i know it already
I have a guitar cover of snow on my profile, but I revised it, so if you give me your email, I'll send the mp3 of that to you, considering I can't record until christmas or a couple days after