For the last year or so, I've REALLY wanted to be in a band. But in this day and age, you can't find anyone thats really committed to it. I need a three member sort of thing, a bassist, a drummer, and me, a guitarist. Although, all the drummers I know are complete assholes and nobody I know plays bass. I think that my local guitar shop has a mixer for people in bands, but I dunno. Any advice?
try joinmyband.co.uk it can be quite handy.
Put an ad up in the local music colleges and uni's, and as many music shops as you can.
Ask everyone you know if they know anyone at all who might be interested.
Jam with a mate of yours who's a guitarist...that's how i found the singer for my main band. We were jammin and his mate randomly turned up and started singing...so I asked him to join my band and he did :P

If you end up missing a member, jam with whoever you've got. It's better than nothing until you do find people. Eventually, people always turn up if you keep trying! =]
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Hmm, thanks for the good ideas. joinmyband.co.uk doesn't work for me, as I'm Canadian. I'll put up flyers at my highschool and music shops when school starts again.
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You see, craig... he has a list

Yep, craiglist. And you've already said that the local guitar store has a thing for musos to meet other musos. Also open mic nights, heaps of different places.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
yeah, open mic/ jams, friends who know friends who know friends..... ect ect.

just make sure these people you end up with in your band are reliable.
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