So what is the best metal amp that I can get for like $250?
Also, can someone recommend me a tuner? Mine is pretty bad. For example, when I tune to drop B, the tuner shows that its in tune, when it is actually very sharp.
Regarding the tuner, try some of Cherry`s vibration sesitive models. For 250$ you can`t get a good amp, but I can`t give you a good reply on that one cuz I`m an amp noob.
Peavey Vypyrs are pretty popular around here, some of the lower wattage models should be in your price range. Maybe have a look for a used Roland Cube 20 or 30.
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Korg makes nice Tuners but get the black one it does every note possible. For the amp I would say peavey valveking cuz I love mine probably a royal 8 or a peavey vypyr they sound really nice and you can do a he'll of a lot more tones than just metal

EDIT: a line 6 flextone II is great also but Try out the spider from line 6 some people like it but I don't
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If I were you I'd check around in some second hand shops.. I picked up an Ibanez cab and a Hiwatt maxwatt head for around £300 and they're doing me very well for metal
peavey vypyr. good amp AND has a decent tuner built in!
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Line-6 makes some good amps. I have a 70W spider 3 and i love it. It was like $300 new so you can find it for $250. It has a built-in tuner that works well.
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Peavey Vypyr series
Line 6 Spider series

If you're patient, you could possibly find a used Peavey Valveking or Carvin MTS for sale. (Both of these are tube amps).

It also depends how good you want to sound.
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vypyr or cube 30 potentially. Personally, I would stay away from line6 spider.
I have a line 6 spider III, its only 30w, but the metal and insane effects are great, though I dont use em often
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I have a line 6 spider III, its only 30w, but the metal and insane effects are great, though I dont use em often

I also own a spider.

The metal and insane effects are NOT great. You will realise this some day. To my ears it sounds sterile and digital as hell. It also sounds like utter crap the louder it goes too. This is not something I would recommend to anyone.

If I were you TS I'd go with a used peavey vyper or roland cube.

Regarding tuners, the korg pitchblack I'v heard very good things about.
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Check out used Randall amps on ebay. I got an RG75 in great condition and shipped for only $250 total and it does metal great.
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TC Polytune is the only tuner I'd ever spend money on.

As for a metal amp, you might find an older SS amp for pretty cheap, just check your classifieds. A tube amp would definitely be nicer but sometimes SS will give you the br00tz much cheaper and easier...
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I would recpmmend the Peavy vypyr the Krankenstein, JSX and Rectifier models are good for metal, how over the tuner is not very good, most chromatic tuners from a recognisable brand, e.g. Korg, Stagg, Boss will be fine and keep you in tune
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