Hi everyone, I've got a possible issue with a person on craigslist wanting to buy a piece of equipment from me. I figured a lot of people here deal on craigslist so maybe someone could help out.

A guy has shown interest in my craigslist ad but insists on paying with check and having a "mover" pick up the item in question. This sounded really fishy to me. Is this a common, or uncommon for that matter, scam?

As a side note I didn't really know which forum to put this in, so I just threw it here.
If he really insists on a cheque then you make sure the cheque clears before anyone takes anything.


He wants to buy my hot rod deluxe. I'm not sure why he wants to pay by check. He says that a mover will come by to pick it up immediately after I cash the check. This seems to imply that I would have absolutely no information about his location. It also makes me think that he wants to pick up the amp after the check is cashed but before it clears.

I never dove any deeper to be honest. Once I received that email, I became suspicious and figured I would see if it is a common scam.
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Maybe that would be a good idea, yeah. Wait for the cheque to come in, make sure it doesn't bounce and that you have your money secure, then the amp can be picked up.

Are you worried about the fact that he might know where you live, but you don't know where he is so you have no way of ever finding him for legal action, but he can find you in case he wants to steal back his money?
Anything with check cashing and "movers" is just about ALWAYS a scam. Don't do it.
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i can't see any problem as long as you make him wait until the cheque has cleared.
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I say find a new buyer. This is just too fishy.

But if you really wanna sell to this guy then wait for the cheque to go through before letting him get the amp.
The way I get rid of scammers is just tell them that you're being cautious as the circumstances are similar to that of a scam you've heard about - if it goes right then the buyer will just not contact you - if they're not scamming they'll understand and wait for the cheque to clear.


a bankers draft might be a better option, as the funds must be in his account before the bank will write out the cheque, he pays the bank the bank pay you...it might cost him a nominal fee for the bank to do this.
craigslist says not to deal with anyone that tries to involve a third party, friend, or mover, along with things like western union. I would not trust him.

Has he sent you only one email and does he mention the item in the email? Most likely a scammer or a spam bot. I 100% would not do it.
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dont sell it to him lol, ive had good luck with craigslist but he seems ...not so great.
Pretty obvious scam.Come on,nobody pays strangers with checks and arranges movers.It's probably some douche scouting sites for adds,arranges his cousin or something to pick it up and then boom,check bounces,can't find him.
Scam. i've posted on craigslist and received the same offer several times. tell him mover can bring cash or no deal.
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100% scam artist! Avoid like the plague.

+1 i think that's a fairly well-known scam
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Don't do it.

I had a guy like that and he told me he was having his private people fly in on a helicopter to come get it.

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Definitely a scam. Anything involving movers and/or shipping is.
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it's a scam.
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Just tell him to wait till the cheque has cleared. Or get his address, and drop it off. Then if the cheque bounces, take him for a legal ride, and score some money out of him.

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typical scam. i get 3 or 4 of these AT LEAST every time i list anything over $200 on craigslist. usually along with ridiculously bad spelling and grammar. basically they're sending you a "check" which will never get there, and if it does it'll bounce hard. you'll send off your item and lose pretty much everything you had that you were selling.
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Cash the check somewhere like Walmart, if you get the cash (and he is a scammer) Then whats the harm? You still have the amp!!
i have seen this before when i sell something on craigslist, its always i will send you a check and someone will pick it up lol. also had them offer to write a check for a higher amount and tell me to deliver it to them. its usually always a scam so i ignore the response.

all my ads say CASH ONLY! even if thats ALOT of cash! if you want something that is usually 1200$ and im sellin it for 800??? oh i suggest ya go to the bank and dig out 8 hundred dollar bills!
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all my ads say CASH ONLY! even if thats ALOT of cash! if you want something that is usually 1200$ and im sellin it for 800??? oh i suggest ya go to the bank and dig out 8 hundred dollar bills!

me too i've sold a $600 ibanez and a $750 wolfgang and had cash for both of them. i would never ship off of craigslist.

if they were willing to paypal me money first then i don't see why not, but the check thing is a complete scam, and a pretty common one too!
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"Well good God damn and other such phrases, I haven't heard a beat like this in ages!"
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from craigslist scams...

1. Know the Scam
Be suspicious of any emails or letters that:

* Come from a buyer claiming to be located far away, usually in a foreign country or out of state, who is interested in your goods sight unseen and tries to work through a third party, such as a secretary or associate.

* The email conveys a sense of urgency for you to wire the money, but there are no questions about picking up the item for sale. "These people never really attempt to get the merchandise," says Grant. "They never really make any shipping arrangements. They're not interested in getting the goods — they're interested in getting the money."

* You are sent more money than you're owed. "If someone is paying you and as part of the deal they want you to wire money somewhere, it's a scam," says Grant.

Such is the typical fake-check scam: A remote buyer feigns interest in buying your goods — sight unseen — and sends you a check or money order for more than the item costs. You are asked to wire the difference. Several days later, the bank discovers that the check is fraudulent and you're responsible for the balance.

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