Hey, i've recently bought a epi lp custom and was wondering if anyone new of a good amp i could get to practice on. I'm looking to play a wide range of music some bluesy stuff and some rock but i'm not really into the metal stuff. any ideas? thanks
Please tell us:

Sound you want to achieve (name some bands or something, bluesy stuff and rock doesn't help much since that's not specific enough)?
Home practice only?
Current gear?
Other preferences?

If you give us that information we might be able to help you.
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budget is'nt really much an issue pretty much around £100 though, but if the sound i want is more thats not a problem (working until i can pay for it over summer).
It would only be for home practice and currently i dont have an amp.
i'm looking to play stuff like foo fighters and switchfoot mainly but also want to play stuff like led zep, guns n roses etc
I'm not really bothered about it being old or new just depends what sounds best for the money i guess-hope this helps
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Second the HT-5, a cheaper tube amp that still sounds good and is perfect for practice.
The VOX VT30 would be ok for you. I have one myself and it's a good practice amp. It is a combo amp that is mix between tube and digital I just wouldn't go gigging with it.
definately like the HT-5 idea, solid little amp

if you're willing to pony up the extra cash, a peavey valveking 112 is a brilliant little amp. its all tube, has a good clean and, unlike most any amp at this price, has brilliant overdrive and distortion. try one!
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I'll negate your thumbs down with a thumbs up.

Hands down the most versatile amp available at the price point.
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When I had a vypyr it was a good amp for high gain, not so good for rock and blues. I'm going to second the Vibro-Champ XD, awesome little practice amp. Part 5 watt class A tube amp, part digital modeling amp. I'm really surprised these aren't more popular at 199usd.
i would definitely suggest the vibro champ over the vypyr. vypyr is also the most overrated amp on the market. I would only suggest it to someone who is buying their first amp and playing metal, other than that its just another solid state or hybrid modeler, and an extremely poor performer in the versatility department. And I think if your looking for a solid state or hybrid modeler that Vox is a much better way to go than the vypyr, especially if he's playing more bluesey stuff.
Another versatile practice amp is the Roland Microcube. You get good cleans, and some good crunch/distortion as well for a practice amp. If you can get a tube amp, go for it, but definitely try them out before you buy.
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if you must go the route of a modelling amp, pass on the vypyr. the tones simply are not that good (especially compared to "real" amps) and you will tire of the cheeziness of the tones pretty quick. instead, get a vox VT15; its not the best sounding amp in the world, but the vox's easily have the best tone out of the modeling amps and they are pretty simple to get good tones out of. and, they are somewhat less cheezy and sound more like "real" amps ought to.

again, pass on the vypyr (dont even look at the line 6 spider!)