I was playing my electric guitar and the Low E strings snapped . I didn't want to have to go to the store and buy new strings yet, and then i remembered i had a spare bass G string that had had the top mutilated and wouldn't reach my basses tuning peg. so i chopped off the top and put it on the guitar. It worked kinda, and made me lol. but then i realized that it might not be good for the guitar.

So here is what i'm worried about. The string is far to fat to fit in the groove made for the Low E on the nut. I'm afraid the fatter string might wear down the groove and make it to big for a normal E string to fit snugly.

I'm not planing on doing this long term, I just want to leave it on long enough to show my friends and get some lol's
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I'm not too sure how this is bad. But it's probably not good. If you really want to show them I'd take a picture and show them that and take off the string. But do whatever you want.
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I'm sure short term it's fine. Like eutrophication.
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Its probobly not to good for the neck because of the difference in tension and what not.
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