Hey, what have you folks found as being the best way to tie down your pedals to your pedalboard?

I am using an SKB powered pedal board that has a carpeted surface for velcro, but the pedals come loose as the velcro stinks and the loops in the carpet are crap and pull out.

That being said, I want to tie down my pedals so they cannot move. Any ideas? Here's a picture of my pedalboard setup below...

^ same here, and if you do get bits of fluff, cobwebs and general crap on your velcro a clothes brush will get them out, on a home-made board years ago i used long cable ties but that means drillin the board.
Industrial strength adhesive velcro, heated up with hairdryer and carpet glue. Just use credit card or similar to separate pedal from board as glue/adhesive is weak link.
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