Hey everyone. I've finally decided to upgrade my amp, because i have a marshall mg30 and i've become significantly better at guitar and think i deserve a better amp. I've been looking at a few, such as the tiny terror, the marshall ma50, marshall class 5, epiphone valve senior 20wcombo, im just clueless as to what i want.

here are some deets..

budget - 750 max(cdn)
doesnt quite matter whether its a stack or combo, however i usually jam at my friends house so a combo would be more convinient.
as for tone, i play a pretty wide variety of stuff, but mostly something like zeppelin, crooked vultures, stuff like that.

Im open to pretty much all suggestions. Thanks!
yah, the only thing about the tiny terror is that as good as it sounds, it has very few controls, which may not matter, but you also cant get cleans at loud volumes
The Tiny Terror is really limited to me. For 750, you could get an Engl Thunder 50 head, but for a head you would need a cab...

Laney LC15/LC30
Peavey Classic 30
Randall RG50TC
Peavey Valveking
Traynor YCV 20
Traynor YCV40/50
Peavey Windsor

or these according to the Guitar Gears and Accessories Forum/list of reccommended amps.

Find it HERE
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