when ever i watch something or see something that brings out a strong emotional response(only something sad or happy to the point i almost cry) in me,the back right part of my brain tingles.does anybody know why this is?

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How much does it tingle? I'd get a cat scan or something.
Well remember, your brain basically functions as a circuit board with neurotransmitter chemicals replacing some of the electrical current. Must be all the neurotransmitters flowing.
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you guys are probably right.I relealize this is the pit,but does anyone have any knoledgable answers/guesses
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Subliminal effect of listening to Slayer's new album. That tingling is them letting you have that emotion, and in future use they will have complete control over them, (your emotions), when needed.

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Haha i love this community and its wonderful responses

OT: the reason it tingles is simply because of your brains response to emotional stress. Its just a reaction to high levels of mental activity
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well there is a tingling sensation in that area.If my brain cant tingle maybe its a tumor?

EDIT:i havent listened to slayers new album so that can be ruled out
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It's psycho-somatic; you're brain literally doesn't have the right nerves to feel a 'tingle', or hot, or cold, or pain, or anything really. For all you know, I'm poking your brain right now; you wouldn't even feel it. It's all in your head, literally...
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OP: That's impossible. Your brain can't feel anything. It might be something non-brain related. But I have no idea what.
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/i know what you're talking about it, and I only have that kind of experience in places of emotional intensity or extreme calm. Some people may appeal to a more spiritual answer to the feeling, others may look for something scientific - although with the knowledge one of our friends has just imparted, that there are no nerves in the brain - then perhaps there may be the basis for a more spiritual answer after all.
Hell I don't know, maybe there is something wrong as some have suggested, maybe I got osmeting wrong with ma head too!
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Nothing to worry about, mate. It's just your emotions.

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