Hi again,
Before I send more complex songs, I'll just ask you this two questions:

- Did it was pleasant to hear even if it's really short?
- Did the name suits the mood of the song well?

It's C4C but donn't expect a big, detailed crit (unless I really like your song).

Oh and I know that it sounds like a BTBAM song. But I honestly try not to plagiarize...
Obviously, I'd prefer it if it were longer, but for what it is, it's really nice. The delays helped out a lot. I don't know about the title until bar 10- 'Shiver' feels right with the delayed C major 7 voicing.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1334590 (I don't feel weird about responding to this kind of thing with tech-death because you mentioned BtBaM :P)
I really liked the first chord and the feel of it but after that it feels like the song goes down hill at bar 5, the chord you hit seems like a jump from the original and is a little to upbeat. I really like the three notes hit in bar 9 but i think it should lead into a different chord than what you have at bar 10. i tried putting in the G# from bar 16 and it sounded pretty good, you might want to try it.
I really liked it overall though.

I like it. Very soothing and relaxing, but at the same time it's got something dark to it. The delay was a wise choice. I definately wanna see this piece as an entire song.

The title... shiver... meh, doesn't do it for me. When I hear this song I get a picture of a cave in my mind. Filled with sparkling mist. But that's probably just me

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