Okay, so, My Electro acoustic is broken.. Sort of.

I gig with this guitar pretty regularly, three/four times a month for the last year. And then yesterday, two days out of warranty (because thats always the way) the guitar starts making this horrible low end buzz, that completely distroys the sound of the guitar. BUT GET THIS. The sound goes away when you touch any part of the circuit that goes to the pickup.

At first i think, oh, must be the cable, not earthing. WRONG.
Then i take out the input, check everything wired Ok. ITS FINE.
I take off the bridge (where the pickup is slotted underneath) and NOTHING CHANGES.

Basically, i've tried everything i can think of.

I work with sound on and off when i need the money, and i know my way around a guitar, but this isn't anything like anything ive come across before.

Im completely stumped. Ive tried it in different amps, different cables, changed the battery in the EQ, adjusted the input to try and stop the pins touching the whole jack (which im now convinced isn't the problem). Pretty much, ive tried everything short of dragging out the circuit board, which I REALLY dont want to have to do..

Any suggestions??
Does the guitar make the offensive buzz at the same location every time? In other words, if you have your setup at home, is it ok, but when you plug everything in at the gig, it shows up? If so, think along the lines of the building's ground. You touched on it when you said that you can make it stop by touching the metal parts of the guitar's electronics. You are grounding the circuitry that way, effectively removing the static buzz from the loop. Some rigs need to have a dedicated circuit in order to eliminate this buzz, depending on the buildings grounding. I had my electric and amp at a friends house the other day and was plugged into a non-grounded outlet and had the same thing happen, but in reverse. As long as I didn't touch anything metal on the guitar it was quiet, but as soon as I touched any of the strings, or pickups, it would start buzzing like crazy. Here at home, it's perfect since I'm plugged into a decently grounded circuit.
Another thing to check if you haven't already is the jack plug in the guitar. Remove it and check that the wiring on it is all intact. One of those being loose will certainly cause this problem. And those contact points in the jack need to be nice and snug fitting on the plug when inserted. If they're worn and loose fitting, you'll wind up with buzzing also. I've had a bit of success in the past with removing it from the guitar and cleaning it then bending the contacts a bit to make them grip tighter onto the plug once it's in place, but you can only do this a couple times before the metal becomes over stressed and either breaks or simply won't make decent contact anymore. Then it's time to break out the soldering iron and install a new one.
Sadly, All of the above has been attempted. The buzz happens everywhere. And the inputs fine.

Thanks though =]
All I can think of to suggest is that you ask in the Electric Guitar forum. There's bound to be someone in there that's heard of this problem before. Luck to ya.