I leave my amp in my basement, it doesn't seem too humid down there. Wondering if I should move it to a higher level. Maybe the 3rd floor? I play a fender hot rod deluxe.

Also my basement is finished so it's not all concrete and desolate or whatever.

thanks for the help!
Should be fine

Amps are a lot less picky than guitars most of the time.
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your basement should be fine, as long as it doesnt get water in, like mine. pretty much a wasted room is my basement
yeah, the only problem with a basement would be a flood or something wrong goes on with your house... but i dont think it would make a difference..
Amps are fine in the basement as long as it isn't damp.

Dampness won't hurt the amp really, but the chassis and transformers will oxidize faster and it looks like shit.

In actuality, rust makes the transformers better because it limits eddy currents, but a lot of people will be put off by it, so it can potentially limit your resale value.
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