just finished this one, its not exactly how i play it but its good enough. rate, comment, make suggestions, or whatever else please =]. ill comment for comment too!

edit: BASS FIXED ha. i knew something screwy was going on. i should have listened to the bass before posting it. i also made the chord progressions less boring, i hope this helps the song out ha.
new song, bass fixed!!.gp5
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haha thanks, naw man thats how i wanted it to sound. unless it sounds better to an 8; imma try it right now but i don't think it would be right.. lol

edit: its definitely right, look at the rest of the tab, i even have octaves on that note almost everywhere in the song hah
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Gotta side with Krenfro213 there, that bass part sounds horrific with the other parts. There are loads of other times where the bass is completely off.
Also wondering if that's the easiest way to play those main chords, surely
-12-- -9--
-9-- -5--
-9-- -5-- are easier then what you have written.

Otherwise i really enjoying the song actually. It's very well written.
Could maybe do with a more involved chord progression at times, it's essentially just 3 chords with a few octaves here and there.
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yeah, i got lazy and didn't wanna make it as it is in life :shrugs:, its only GP lol. and yeah i know the chords are the same thats just the way i play it so i figured id put it in as so. i mean i kinda get what your saying with the bass but the note is in other part of the song its not an accidental and it sounds fine to me.. maybe my ears are broken ha

i figured it out, the bass tuning was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy off. like horribly
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weird^ ill try to fix that, i make lots of mistakes on these hah and sure thing listening now =]
Great song, just the kind of post-hardcore i love :P
Overall, well written, but with a few minor flaws:

The C5 on bar 57 sound a bit out of place, makes the chord progression sound a bit strange. The section that starts at bar 101 sounds a bit boring, however I am sure that some good vocals can fix that otherwise I'd consider adding some energy to this part. 141 is awesome (just thought you should know). I have no comments on the structure as it works well.

I guess thats all, be sure to crit Lost in an Art of Suffering
will do, thanks for checking out my song, theres a flaw at that part 101 too but im not fixing it again haha.
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