so we're a punk band playing a metal/rock show next thursday night. And we play a couple of ska songs but it's maybe a third of our setlist. And our sax player doesn't know what to do with himself on the songs where he's not playing. He can sing back up, but idk what else. Any advice?
run off stage and into the crowd and do something comical until he starts playing again...i've actually seen this before and it was pretty funny all together.
get off the stage while not playing?
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Additional percussion (tambourine, woodblock...), backup singing, etc

Or just hang out in the crowd or backstage
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Does this not make sense? And why is a "punk" band playing "ska" songs at a "rock/metal" show?

haha that's what i was wondering
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Disco break!

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I support leaving the stage. What has he done in previous performances?
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.