hey guys ..

i was looking up some ibanez guitars within the $300 range and I found two similar looking guitars.

One was was the ibanez ART100

the other was the ibanez ARX140

I couldn't really figure out the difference between these two guitars. They seem to be the same to me apart from:

1. The body shape
2. The bridge
3. the inlays

then why is there such a difference in the price (something around $40) ? Will there be much difference in the sound of the two guitars ?

And does the body shape define the sound of the guitar in any way ?
The body shape can sometimes affect the sound. Something such as body thickness is more important when your using the same wood. They probably wont sound very different.
The dual cutaway on the ARX140 gives you improved higher fret access. Some people prefer that. The pages didn't give dimensional information so can't help you there. They didn't give neck profile info but I'm sure it's the same neck, really. Looks like the same guitar with another cutaway. That's about the extent of it.
The only difference worth mentioning is the shape. Other than that, they are pretty much the same guitar. I don't even think the bridges are different, even though they have different names on GC.
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