Is motocross a really expensive hobby? Im just wondering because it looks fun but I'm not sure if its really realistic for me, especially since I live in Los Angeles and dont really have that kind of money to invest in it too. There were other things that I have been trying to spend more of a time on but this thing has been questioning me for a while. Also I keep on hearing that if you get into it you more likely to get hurt at some point and to be honest I dont really want to risk it and then have to worry about medical insurance being expensive to cover my injuries... you guys think its really worth it, whats your opinion?
Expensive, dangerous, fun. Your choice.
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Both questions are completely subjective.

Don't do it. If you hurt yourself, YOU HURT YOURSELF.
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You're making more excuses not to than reasons for. Try to find a friend who rides and go on a trip with them and see how you like it.
I have been riding motocross for the last 11 years. It is definately expensive to get started, but once you have a bike and helmet, it costs as much as you want. Boots, gloves, goggles, jerseys can all cost a lot. Remember that you need a way to transport your bike (cant just ride around the neighbourhood). What kind of riding are you planning to do, track, trail?
Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?

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its extremely expensive, especially running a 2 stroke, you need to change your piston rings every race, rebuild your head every 4-6 months and replace your piston every 3.

you spend recdiulous amounts of time and cash on just getting your bike at a race worthy standard only to do 6 laps of a track.

my advice, enduro is the only way, get yourself a nice 4 stroke and just ride on tracks in the bush and use the land as your obstacles.
Get 150 4 stroke bike and see if you like it, some people just don't get along with this sort of thing. Especially if you've never rode a bike before.

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No, a small, off road, motorcycle and the and the equipment to keep you from dying when you go flying off of it at 45 mph only costs around $20 for the whole set.

Srsly: A motocross bike is ****ing expensive, as are the pads, and if you decide to get one, you should expect to get hurt on it soon enough.
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