What do you folks think about temporarily removing the neck from the body to transport your guitar??

I acquired an 8+ year old Jackson D10 for free. I'm taking it back across country with me, so I took the neck off.

Will this cause trouble?
Will I lose anything sound wise?
Will TSA think I'm some kind of terrorist??

The whole thing fits in my book bag.

I have an '85 B.C. Rich Bich sitting in a closet at my parent's house. I'm debating taking the neck off that guy too, but I actually care about this guitar, so I'm seriously hesitant to try this.

It shouldnt cause any problems. Id rap the neck in a sheet or something, and maybe the body too. if its put straight in the bag, then if anything falls off, itll be there. But then you have to worry about lost luggage..
There's absolutely no reason to take your guitar apart to travel across country. Leave it together. Store it in a hard case and keep it inside the car - not in the trunk where it can be exposed to temperature extremes. If you're driving in an SUV, then it's no biggie. If you're going to fly with your guitar, make sure you use a plane. Just kidding. Seriously, if you fly with it, just loosen the tension on the strings a little and it'll be fine.
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if there is no other way i dont see the trouble with it
a hard case would be ideal though
these are all bolt on necks right?
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Yes, I am flying

I'm looking for the lowest impact way of moving this.

The Jackson is already apart, the Floyd Rose and screws and washers are all in a plastic baggie If I can't get it back together (I'm sure I can) it'll become a part's guitar for one of my other lil projects.

The B.C. Rich is my primary concern because it's 25 years old... older than some of the people I post with on this board j/k. I've had if for years and really miss playing it. I'd rather not have it with me, then do anything to damage it.
The guitar at your parent's house - if possible, leave it out on a stand. If there's any possibility of kids or parents, who act like kids (I can say that, I'm a parent), might damage it, put it inside a hard case and store it somewhere safe.

The guitar you're travelling with - I've seen guys bring full acoustic electrics on planes before in hard cases. They usually stow them in the overhead. Removing the neck shouldn't hurt it, but I'd be a little concerned if the neck was under tension without strings for too long. I'd reassemble and restring at my soonest convenience.
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The guitar you're travelling with - I've seen guys bring full acoustic electrics on planes before in hard cases. They usually stow them in the overhead.

I haven't had any trouble taking my acoustic on as a carry on
Just pack both guitars in a box and ship them back UPS. On some airlines this will cost you less than the carry-on luggage charge.

Jackson with a Floyd Rose bridge. Never. Not worth the hassle. they work great but need to be set up well to actually work properly.

A Fender strat, in contrast,...5 minutes to take it apart....no issue at all puting it back on. I've done it on a few occassions wnen travelling. Just be sure to to have a new set of strings handy.
jpnyc - I did that last summer with a project guitar. It worked well.

Again, the Jackson is Broken down and will be resembled by Sat afternoon.

Has anyone done this and ran into trouble?? Or had a great experience??
I flew to china and back twice with a guitar disassembled and put inside my suitcase. Never had any problems putting it back together and playing. But somebody was right now with domestic flights and the price they charge for the 'privilege' of stowing a suitcase might be worth it to ship the guitar.

But no taking the neck off a guitar wont hurt it.
You're in no trouble whatsover, as long as this is the cheapest way of travel.

Just be prepared to have to set it up when you get it back and you'll be fine, really.