Not looking for advice, just opinions. I've heard of many combinations of distortion/od/fuzz pedals being run into one another, what's your favourite pedals to stack?

Personally I like to combine my HM-2 and my Jackhammer, the Jackhammer warms up and fattens the HM-2 and I can use the sweep and contour controls to cut the mid-range around 800, and let the HM-2 boost around 800-1200 (the high on an HM-2 is an active boost at 958 Hz and 1279 Hz).

So what's your combo?

Inb4 Tubescreamer into a Big Muff.
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I used to like stacking a vintage 808 and a Tube Driver. The Tube Driver had massive amounts of bass that the 808 helped tighten up. I used to have two Tubescreamers that I stacked together like Trey Anastasio that sounded really nice, although it was pretty compressed. The two sides of my Analog Man KoT stack nicely too if set right.
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Generally I avoid stacking but I do like to run fuzz pedals into overdrive pedals to warm up the sound a little.
7 band eq boosting an Octave Fuzz into a DS-1 both with the gain set low. Made for an interesting heavy overdrive with a thick crunchy sound to it.
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