So I've started playing with a pick a while ago. I wanna play thrash, but I can only handle songs like Enter Sandman, Symphony of Destruction, For Whom the Bell Tolls. Even Seek & Destroy is hard for me, I can't handle the 208 bpm part (AKA solo part).

So I wanted to know, what are some good thrash metal songs (if possible by the Big Four and/or Exodus, maybe even some Maiden, even though they're not Thrash, I love Steve's playing) that I can learn to help me improve my speed and accuracy, and that have somewhat complex basslines (meaning no root eighth note pumping, or keeping it to a minimum, I want fun songs to play).

Also please make them standard tuning So any suggestions? Thanks!
Try some Anthrax, like Among the Living and I Am the Law

When you get better, I recommend Merciless Death by Dark Angel and Souls of Black by Testament. Thrash fans will love you!
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PRIMUS!!! Just kidding... You already named the bands you like so go:
1.listen to some of there songs for which basslines are challenging but not impossible for you.
2. Figure out song by ear
3. Play/practice
4. rinse and repeat

I was looking more for like a list, cause most songs I love are very very fast and I can't seem to handle them yet (see Holy Wars, Master of Puppets, Angel of Death, Got the Time)...
if you havent already, look at the sticky thread called something like "bass songs you must know" there's good stuff there
for thrash you may wanna drop the pick, and go for a 3 finger technique. i use my fingers faster then i can use a pick, especially with string crossing.

Iron maiden - The Trooper
not thrash but the bass line is pretty easy, but challenging.

Motorhead - Ace of spades
not hard, but not easy, very fun

Anthrax - caught in a mosh
havent played myself but looks fun.
Exodus - Bonded by Blood

I think that is a pretty straight forward song.
Maybe a bit challenging but its fun to play once you get it.
A few choice ones from me are

Sweating Bullets-Megadeth
Mandatory Suicide-Slayer (not hard its not fast either)
Peace sells-Megadeth (only a couple of difficult bits but they aint too hard imo)

Most thrash is root note pumping to be blunt with you but there are a few very fun songs in the genre that really shine through even tho they are root note sweating bullets is simplistic but so good once you get it down.

Also Alucard theres a lot of thrash players who play pick style :P Newstead,Ellefson,Araya and a few more.
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system of a down, most of there stuff. and some Dethklok is good. also early metallica.
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Also forgot Among the living-Anthrax

the only hard part bout that song is the part with the triplet that goes(shown below paragraph),i just learned the basic tab and memorised it in the past 30min of just sitting looking at it and listening to the song lol.


Be aswell taking a bash at electric crown-testament (great song to have down) and Dawn Patrol-Megadeth.

Also if your playing thrash its a good idea to start on punk i feel :P sounds silly also doing ton loads of pent scales,exercises and generally building up your dexterity and as Paul Gilbert said speed is a byproduct of accuracy :P
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I think some German thrash would be good.

I played in a thrash band for a few months last year, and it was playing along to Kreator and Sodom that got my thrash skills up to par.
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system of a down, most of there stuff. and some Dethklok is good.

Neither of those bands are Thrash Metal.

@Silveroon009, Try 'Go To Hell' by Megadeth, 'A Lesson in Violence' by Exodus, and I cant seem to think of any other ones. But I really recomend you learn Master of Puppets, You just go to take it peice by piece and learn it slowly.

Ill post some more suggestions once I think of some.

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Neither of those bands are Thrash Metal.

It's ok dude, I love SOAD (Dethklok not so much) but:
Also please make them standard tuning

So yeah...

Thanks for the suggestions guys great ideas, keep em coming if possible!
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my friend of misery, fuel, the thing that should not be and nothing else matters should be pretty good for you. all my metallica.
As someone else mentioned, punk is a good stepping stone to thrash if you're just learning to play with a pick. Lots of Misfits stuff would be good! Grooves well and is fun to play. Or stuff like Hot Snakes.
2 minutes to midnight by maiden is pretty challenging to do fills in while staying in time.

Try battery by Metallica, though, cuz its veeeery fast. I find that its good to have that "impossible song" that you can't play and focus on individual parts. You work periodically on it, improving every day. You'll eventually get it down and I find it healthy to have these milestone songs, because it drives you along and pushes you to become a better player.
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Piranha, Toxic waltz and bonded by blood by Exodus are awesome, pretty easy imo.
Symphony of Destruction and Trust by Megadeth should be fine aswell.
Caught in a mosh by Anthrax, just play that one because it's ****ing awesome.
Countdown to Extiction & Sweating Bullets by Megadeth
Madhouse & Indians by Anthrax
Hit The Lights by Metallica
South Of Heaven & Bloodline by Slayer

They're all good songs to learn from the big four bands
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Thrash is a pretty speed intensive genre. Thats the point =P
If you're playing slow/moderate thrash, it's not really thrash.

But Souls of Black by Testament is a good mid-tempo thrash song. I can't play the little bass solo in the beginning (string jumping has never been a strong suit of mine =/) but the rest of the song is fairly simple and it's something you can bang your head to.
Municipal Waste has some good ones, but they're mostly fast.

EDIT: Hahah Souls of Black made it into the 3rd post =P And I always felt like I was the only one who liked Testament... Well Trial by Fire is another good Testament one for the aspiring thrash bassist.

Mercyful Fate and King Diamond also have a lot of good stuff, not as thrashy, but it'll get you working (Welcome Home, namely).
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