EDIT: Done and done.

Obviously some stuff needs tweaking, but seeing this is a barebones sample of what the real song would be and not the final version anyway, what do you think?
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sounds good.
i mean, yes, its just a start.
keep tweaking it man.
something needs to be added or taken out, not sure what it is.
I like the way the drums and stuff fade in, and the "wall of noise" tone the guitar has. Reminds me kind of like My Bloody Valentine stuff.

It almost reminds me of a cross between post rock and snes music. Sounds like it could be very vocals-driven. Cool melodies and beats, anesthetic should record this soon
It's pretty cool... I liked the way you matched the synths with the guitar, they sound nice together. Also, respects for not sticking to the power chords. The wall of sound effect piratemetalhead was talking about is really nice. I can imagine that with vocals, this song would be pretty nice. The part arpund measure 100 didn't do it for me though - It's too chaotic, and it pretty much comes out of nowhere, for me at least. I'd change that if I were you. A good thing about that part is that it unwraps rather nicely as the outro.

All in all: nice combo of synth and guitar, keep working on it. Sounds promising!