Ok, this is one of my favorite song of all time soooooo here goes!
Overall, you guys rock.
That riff from 1:05 to 1:26 that you added triplets to...imo...DON'T do it anymore.
More doesn't always equal better and this classic should be kept the same.

You guys played it much too fast for my taste.

The drummer does an awesome job of keeping the rhythm when you play the solos, but in the future I think you should stick to playing the rhythm if you're gonna be playing just one guitar. I'm sure you guys have done this many times, which is why you're able to play the solos with no rhythm guitar in the first place....oh well.

Good job guys!

Check out my freshly uploaded version of Helpless. It's not live or anything, drums and bass are just midi with VSTs. No vocals.
Hope you enjoy...

That kicked ass. I actually like the speed and triplets and everything. so up your's drey! nah jk great cover!