You don't need a religion. You need therapy.
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You should be careful what you say. Some asshole will probably sig it.

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Yup, a girl went up to me in my fursuit one time.

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I can fap to this. Keep going.
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Iren Harsca, 35 said once she brought it home and gave it a second glance, it looked all too familiar. “Then I realized what it was. It reminded me of my husband too much and I really love him, so I didn’t have the heart to cut it up,” she said.
Time keeps on slipping...

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AtomicPunk7 is uncreative.
I almost didn't want to click that link... but that is pretty neat. Also, there's links to some nsfw stuff. Just sayin', is all.
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title made me think of Spinal Tap.
Why did he wrap it in foil?

Because he read the script.
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I also have hairy butt cheeks, I once shaved a letter 'W' on each cheek, so that when I bent over it spelled WoW.

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