So I've been dabbling in guitar for several years now. I can play a lot of tabs, and I'm not horrible, pretty decent really, but I want to get good and I was wondering where I could start. I don't really know any scales or the notes on the guitar neck for each and every fret and I was wondering what I should practice to improve. I was wondering if anyone could give me specific things to look at, learn, practice, etc. to go from being quite average to a good guitar player. Thanks very much for any help!
Buy a scales and modes book and study it. Learn chords and keys and what should work with what. Learn all the rules, then break them and see what happens. Don't learn a song from a tab unless you also learn the theory behind it. Do that for 25 hours a day unless your fingers are bleeding. Then take a break to bandage them and go back at it. =P jk

And most importantly always remember why you are playing and learning. If it is because you love music don't take it so seriously that you lose interest. I knew music majors that lost their love for music because they got too worked up about it or hit a bump in the road and flipped out.
The pentatonic scale is your friend. There are some great introductory lessons to music theory here on UG, too (my personal favorite). No need to learn how to read music (although it's a great tool to have), but the theory will be invaluable. Just learn intervals, scales (minor/major pentatonic and blues scale being the most important, IMO), how to solo over chord progressions, maybe how chords are constructed. Here's a great link that's really helped me out for scales, even now.


BTW, congrats, you're on your way to being your own guitarist, as opposed just playing other people's music.
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