This has been bothering me a bit, I use your Ultimate Guitar tab App in the AppStore and i like it but I usually use Guitar Pro tabs. So everytime I try downloading (my iPod is Jailbroken so it allows me download to my iPod's file system) and I usually downlaod Guitar pros on other site so I can us TabToolkit to play them back, but everytime I try downloading from Ultimate Guitar it just won't let me. I don't get an error messaage or anything it just simply highlights the link and never really downloads could someone please tell me why it doesn't allow me to downlaod it?
I apreciate the effort an thanks for listening

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UG actually briefly removed links to iPhone users, replacing them with Flash buttons, before their app launched to prevent competition with apps like TabToolkit. They've since rescinded that policy, though there's a big plastered ad for their sub-par text-only app shoved on there anyway, which is totally irrelevant if you wanna use GP or PT files.