anbody out in UG world have kinman pickups on their guitar. If so, are they as good as the money says they are?
They're noise free and sound good. Not as good as Lollar, Suhr, Stephens Design, Fralin, etc. IMO but they have the benefit of being noiseless. If you really want noiseless single coils, I suggest a Lollar set w/ a non RWRP middle pup and whenever you can afford it, a Suhr BPSSC. It would be fairly costly but sound better. If it's worth the extra money, that's up to the individual to decide.
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My dad has a strat he put together with Kinman pickups and let me be first to say that it sounds absolutely AMAZING. It's hands down one of the best guitars I've ever heard when it's hooked into my dads Marshall amp. It has enough UMFFFFFFF to get that chuga chuga chunky metal sound yet it can also play blues and clean tones with the same gentleness as a strat with stock pickups.

To sum up what I said it's an amazing pickup and if you have the money to buy it, DO IT.

Jeff Beck special noisless pickups are also very good. I believe Fender calls them Fender Hot Noiseless.