Hi im having trouble with my set-up and was looking for some help. Im running a ISP Decimator thru a Peavey 6505's effects loop. Now when i plug my guitar straight into the head the ISP does its job (gets rid of the buzzing). But i want to use my maxon od808 pedal as a booster, but when i plug that in normal (regular amp input) the ISP doesnt rid of the noise. so then i tried it in the effects loop and still the same thing.....acouple side notes, the ISP runs off a 9v batt. and i run my Maxon off a 9v adaptor. Lookin forward to some help Thanks
did you try putting the isp in different spots in your loop? try it at the end, or maybe right after your OD. also what kind of guitar/pickups are you using?
So you're running the Decimator through the FX loop, and the OD through the front? The Decimator won't cancel out noise in front of the amp if it's in the loop. You could get the Decimator G String, and I think you can run it through the loop and out front, but I could be wrong. I'd also get an adaptor for the Decimator, as I'm sure it starts to fizzle out as the battery dies.
i did try it several ways and the amp still hums even when the guitar vol. is turned down. it only does it when the Maxon OD is plugged in
Decimators eat batteries alive, use your power supply on the decimator instead and see if there is any improvement.
i have my decimator running through the front of the 6505 right after the ME-50 but i havent used the ME-50 for a boost or anything so idk, but the decimator does a good job in front of the amp, it is at the end of my effects loop and seems to work its magic.
i should also mention that even when the Maxon isnt turned on the amp still hums
The decimator should come after the OD, and frankly shouldn't even be in the loop IMO. Use the loop for things like delay and reverb, and keep things like OD and the decimator straight from your guitar to the preamp. That's how I use mine and I've always found that the Decimator doesn't work well in the loop.
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Best results I've had on 6505+ - put ISP DECIMATOR last in line after OD before preamp section of the head (IN FRONT OF HEAD), add another Decimator in effects loop straight after preamp section of the head then follow through to EQ, then delays etc - then power section of the amp - then out to speakers