Here is a poem that I have written about self-motivation, I hope you enjoy reading it and any comments will be welcomed flippantly.

Long days deterred me from the mornings
Which prelude lengths of sufferable strife
I grew from where I would not bend
My fiction benefits my trend

Capture bugs appearing fearless
When just a bite could end my life
Parasites this Rome will end
My fiction benefits my trend

Rested feet regret the hardwood
But breakfast champions resolve
And pushes boundaries for what I could
Beyond the lies that I evolve
But this far and no more I'll bend
Til my fiction benefits my trend
Most of the time I don't care for people's lyrics on UG, but that was actually good !!! Subtle and well written ! Keep it up !

The way you use the sentence "My fiction benefits my trend" in each paragraph and make it rhyme with something different every time is something I just can't do...! But english is my third language so that might explain why...! But keep writing, practice makes perfect !
the prose is getting in the way of the poetry.
this is too embellished. the language seems to put me off.