hello UG. I am the world's most technologically illiterate person ever. I've been searching google for the past 40 mins trying to figure this out and it isn't working.

My Peavey Vypyr fails at recording out of the usb thing, so I heard about amp sims. I have Reaper, and I downloaded the Peavey Revalver Mk III amp sim.

But I don't know how to work it. Can someone explain to me in dumb terms how to do this? How do I hook up my guitar? I have this cable that connects my amp to my computer, and I have guitar cables and such, is that all I need? I know I'm using an amp sim, but I only know how to plug in my guitar through an amp.

I can't figure out how to load the amp sim into Reaper either, but I'll tackle that later.


edit: I also have this thingy with two things, one is a thing i can stick into my guitar, the other, the other is a hole, something tiny like headphones
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Stick guitar straight into PC via the cord (don't go through the amp)
Load Reaper
Create a track
Add Revalver (or other amp sim) as an effect on the track.
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