Hey guys, decided a while ago to do a full out ridiculous build, so going for a big double neck! The shape is based on the flatbat design from Abstract guitars USA. I started making my design in AutoCad in my off time from engineering lectures. I realize that im not being particularly original with my woods, using maple for the neckthrough sections, with purpleheart sections then black walnut. This is pretty damn similar to Calums double neck build, but I thought he was right on with the wood choices, and how it came out is exactly what im going for, so dont rip into me too much! This build should take me a while, I want to do it right first time and get it just the way I want, so it will also be costing quite a bit. Anyway heres some photos!

The design drawn up in autocad, note this ISNT the final design at all, just an idea to get me going, the real design will be done as I go

Initial template, note that it will actually be rather smaller height ways after carving as im planing to chamfer the edges quite heavily on both sides.

The wood!

Cut to general size before any planing

This photo is really not needed, but a nice reminder about how safe working practices in workshops are critical, stupid me took a chunk out of my finger putting maple through my bend saw


Hardware wise im basically making it up as i go, but will be updating regularly. Let me know what you think!

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Looks pretty awesome, except one thing. The fourth hole out on both sides for the tuners on the twelve string headstock...idk, it just looks like it'll be really awkward stringing it and create some odd friction points crossing over the other strings. Maybe just line the tuners up normally and keep the headstock shape?
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yeah sorry I didnt make it really clear, the autocad design is really just a preliminary design, its the base of it really. Most of it I'm making up as I go, the headstocks won't be as pictured

Have you considered putting the SSS with the 12 string? and the HH with the sixer side?

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Have you considered putting the SSS with the 12 string? and the HH with the sixer side?

Not sure, I can always do that, but Im pretty far away from making sure decisions on what pickups where

Man, that is awesome. Wish I knew how to use autocad programs. As it stands my guitar designs are hand drawn and in MS paint. A lot of the abstract designs are awesome. Gonna sticky this one.
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Long time no update, been pretty flat out with other projects and coursework, but today cut the scarf joints and planed them back, thinking ill put a piece of purpleheart between the joint

Just a quick question though, what glue does everyone use for scarfs? Straight PVA woodglue?

Titebond Original.

Good luck with this one man. Not a fan of the shape but hey to each his own. Thing's gonna weigh a ton when you get done.
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i like this! very creative. a pickguard could be really cool, too. even made out of wood (hell, you're already making everything else, right?). that would let you play with different pickup options. plus you could make the pickguard into a wing shape as well. just something to think about.
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Hey guys, no time no post. Been mucking around with a few projects and my coursework, but anyway! Glued up the scarf joints the other day, routed the truss rod channels and started gluing my body pieces together, without further ado

One thing about my pieces of maple that I used for my necks is that one second has a dark patch running through it, and im not totally sure about how happy I am with it, you can see it in one of the headstocks, but ah well, i'll see how it comes out.

Thoughts so far?

I would like to show you how excited I am about this guitar, but I think this forum has rules against that.
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I like it!! It's looking really good. Just wondering... Do you need a thicker, neck or truss rod to be able to have all 12 strings?

Hey man, cheers, as for the 12 string neck, I think since the neck is wider the bending moment on the whole thing should be a bit smaller, however im definitely thinking about carbon rods either side of the truss rod