This is a song i wrote a long time ago that I'd forgotten about and i just recently found it. Just wanted to see what people thought about it. Sorry about all the commas they were there for me to remember how to sing it and I'm too lazy and tired to take them out, but it is kind of supposed to be one long sentence.

Like every captain, who goes down, with his ship
We’ll never know, what every, one, thinks of, us.
Until were lyin, on our death bed, with all our family,
And our friends, givin their speeches,
about how, we are, great, And kind, and thoughtful, like they’ve said, for everyone,
Who has ever, come before, and like them, and their mother
And their father and their sons and their daughters, we will, all,
Eventually, lose ourselves, and our loved ones, to a fate, that we can hope,
Comes, at a point, when we’re satisfied, with who we are, and what we’ve done,
That we won’t, mind, that soon, we will, all, be gone.