im in the middle of writing my first fingerstyle song. im planning on having a whole band with it, so its not the traditional classical type. but anyway, i recorded what ive written so far. if anyone could give me any feedback on it, that would be amazing (songs on my profile)

i played it pretty shitty its not so easy.. so dont hate. haha.
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I like the tone a lot, and I like how the melody relates to the harmony it just sounds awesome. The only real suggestion I have is to create a contrasting part. I like what you have, but it would be enhanced if you went to a part with either less syncopation, or maybe even a modulation, let your creativity flow and remember that an awesome melody/riff/chord progression can often times be made more awesome by contrasting material around it.
thanks a lot! you just made my night. haha
yeah im kinda working on a mood change. a modulation would be pretty hard though because im using a capo, and most of the neck is gone because of it. heh. but i definitely get what youre saying.

thanks so much.
It sounds like it would make a great opening to something else in the state that its in. I can kinda hear a drum section right after where you end, leading into a full song. It sounds cool in my head, lol. You've done a great job, though there are some places where you are kinda rough and the parts are a bit sketchy.

Wanna take a listen to my thing?
thanks for the crits guys. i know it was pretty sketchy. haha. its really hard! im a lot better at it now, but im too lazy to record it again. haha. im happy to hear everyones somewhat liked it so far
and yeah ill give both of your songs a listen and some critique.

oh and im using open tuning to the guy who asked.