Hey guys,
My band and i have recently started playing our tracks in Drop C tuning from Drop D and i am considering upgrading my string gauge from 10-46 i have on my Dean Razorback to the GHS zakk Wylde signature series 10-60's.

Just wanted to know if i need to file the nuts on the guitar to fit the strings on and if the strings fit easily in the tuners on the headstock.

And whether i should go in for the Zakk Wylde GHS or the DR String DDT series, if anybody has tried them out.

I cannot goto a guitar tech as the closest one is a 2 hour drive away, and i dont have the cash for the transport.

i would appreciate you input on this matter
no you'll be fine with the ddts. you shouldn't have to file the nut if you are drop tuning. I'd take it for a set up anyway just to make sure things are kosher. But it shouldn't be too much of an issue.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
If you’re jumping up that much you’ll probably have to file out the nut a good deal. Buy a nut file from Stewmac to file the nut to the proper gauge for the new strings. Nut files aren’t cheap, but they cost a lot less than paying a tech to cut you a new nut from scratch after you try doing it with hobby files and find out why guitar techs can earn a living doing stuff like cutting nuts.
So, say i file the nut, and in a few months or years, i want to go back to the 10-46's, will that create a problem?