Hey ug'ers

I'm a drummer of, almost 10 Years. Guitar of 1 or 2.
Recently iv'e been practicing Derek Roddy's Warmup/Rudiments, To build on my endurance. Im wondering if i could get a guitarist around here to do this for me.

I need some original riffs/songs recorded, with no drums. Just guitar tracks. To jam to. In return i will provide you with semi professional recordings of them with drums.

In terms of musicality, i'm looking for stuff like, Nile/Serpents rise. kinda stuff.

In terms of tone/music. Check this out.

Im sure someone on here can help me, You can email the mp3s to

Thanks alot
I'm more into deathcore, but I could probably send you a few riffs. If you'd like some guitar/bass tracks of stuff in my profile, just let me know.