I'm at a loss right now. I'm in dyer need of a new bass rig. Something that is at LEAST 200W but preferably more. I've been looking at Acoustic amps a lot. I like the tone they give. I'd like a stack but the 400W (I think its a 400W) combo hybrid combo by Acoustic caught my eye. Kind of on a budget, sort of. Like to keep it around 6 hundo. Just wondering what ya'll thought about Acoustic amps and if some of you experienced bassists could throw out a few amps you like or would recommend.


To be honest, I hated the sound of the Acoustic amps. Not to mention I hated the way the EQ was set up. The sound was too shrill for my tastes, no matter how much I cut out the highs. And I couldn't get that boomy bass sound out of it. But that's coming from a guitar player that plays through his neck pickup into an Ampeg combo with the highs at neutral. haha
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Acoustic is good enough for the price they charge you. There's nothing really stellar about Acoustic amps, but there isn't anything bad to say either. I'd suggest looking used, for maybe an old Peavey or Carvin head and a decent used cab. Craigslist is your friend when amp shopping.
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Thanks guys. I'd love to be able to snag something up thats both badass and used but unfortunately I'm going to have to put this rig on credit. Got a show coming up next week and about a dollar in my checking account. Peavey would be the bees knees. I'll have to see what I can find at GC today.
Marshall and bass are only a good if you want to go and spend $1k+ on one of their vintage tube heads.

For your price range: GK all the way.

A GK MB210 combo would be what i would do in peticular. It's ~$600ish new. They're stupid light weight with 500W at 4ohms, and it has a speaker out!! I'm confident you could find a cheap 1x15 on craigslist. http://bass-guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Gallien-Krueger-MB210-2x10-500W-Ultralight-Bass-Combo-Amp?sku=581053 That 2x10 on top of a 1x15 should give you all the volume you need. Shoot... just the 2x10 should be fine for a while if you want to save up and get a 'nice' extension cab (though i'd stay with either a 1x15 or 4x10)

I actually preffer the GK tone to ampeg. But i also preffer solid-state to tube (on bass, at least). Lugging around an AmpegCL effing sucks... as does re-tubing things. My GK800rb doesn't fail. I also bought a 1st edition GK 400rb as well for back up. I generaly stick with GK, (old)Sunn, (old)Kustom, (old)Acoustic, Earth and Peavey. If you have a used place around, go there first before you drop the money on something new. I had some gear stolen on tour once, and i managed to get a Kustom200 head and an Ampeg 2x15 for $400 from a used place. That was 10 years ago and it's still the favorite of my set-ups.
I'd scour craigslist if you can...$600 will buy a nice used rig.

If you must have a new rig, I'd go this route:




It's a bit over your budget, but you can usually make some wiggle room if you go to the store with cash. That's a pretty solid rig for under $700.
That Peavey head is pretty tight. Was looking at that the other day. As for the GK stuff, I can't say I like it too much. I'm going to go try a few amps out today.

Particularly interested in this


Figure for a little extra I can have something that will sound good and probably last me quite a while. Gotta say that Ampeg has produced some great tones that I like and I can only imagine how this bad boy will sound.

Thanks again for the suggestions and such. Definitely looking at some of them today.
You should go used to get the best amp that you can in your budget, if you're lucky you might find a used Marshall, but I doubt it.

It's dire need, not dyer need btw.

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