Hey, no idea if the mods care about this, just close it if needed.

So I am currently working toward getting enough referals to buy a PS3.
The website I am using is named wich is probably the most known and trusted website who does the referal-gifts thing.

It is really simple and takes 5 minutes, you'll get a free 5$ if you do it to help me out.

1. Sign-up with my link : Use valid informations (They will be kept secure)

2. Complete one of the free trials (, etc)
You need to use a credit card but you will not be credited for using trials.

Again, make sure to use this ref link :

I will be able to see your email when you have completed the offer, so just email me or PM me your paypal and i'll send you 5$.

If you have any questions or wanna do this over aim