I want this thread to teach me and to teach others as well. I want it to become a thread to show players and musicians how to enhance and how to learn natural and artificial harmonics.

With Natural Harmonics, just about every guitar player thats been playing for more than a year knows how to do them or has done accidently.

But is there a chart or some way to distinguish them? Like a N.H on the 4th fret makes this note and a N.H on the 6th fret produces this one? I would like to know which one makes the lowest sound, and playing through every hamrmonic on the fret board, it would seem like they have a pattern, and they seem to have the same harmonic except at a fifth (or a seventh or so because my tuning is drop C) apart. So is the reason why they are called harmonics because they are all a harmony? (1-5-7 is a chord, correct?) How would I make a better Natural Harmonic? Which ones sound the "best"?

Onto Artificial Harmonics. I currently make them by pressing my pinky finger, curled so the middle of it is pressing against the string I'm playing the harmonic on. Is this an acceptable/efficient way to make an A.H? I know I'm supposed to use the side of my thumb, but I find it easier and much less time consuming to do it this way. I'd like some feedback on this also...

Onto actually playing them. I've noticed that the higher my pinky is pressing on the string, going all the way up to the bridge, the higher the harmonic is. However, the harmonic stops sounding by the time I read the bridge pickup. Is this the stopping point, or is it just because I'm not used to playing this so high.

Again, I want this to be the harmonic thread, because I've noticed how annoying they are to learn, and I'd like to be able to come back to this thread and have others come into it.

I've been playing guitar for 3 years, and I'm able to play most of the album Crack the Skye from Mastodon, bar most of the solos. Is this a good thing, or am I behind most guitarists at this age(I'm also 14, started at 11). I know this is off topic, but I would like to kill two birds with one stone with this thead. Please read the first couple of posts before posting about this topic, I don't want it to be about my guitar playing, more along the lines of Harmonics.
Nice thread start

Yeah an N.H. chart would be pretty cool.

I currently do pinches with my thumb but if that way is more efficient and isn't sloppy then use it. I will have to try it before I can give a proper answer on that one.
I've seen a very good chart that shows exactly this, I'll see if I can find it.

EDIT: Can't find it. I'll keep looking.
But, it might be easier, or at least more rewarding, if you made the chart yourself. You can get a harmonic out of most any fret (and I can get several different notes between the second and third, depending on the location of my finger).
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I can in no way comprehend how that technique would make a pinch harmonic, but if it works, power to you. I use the side of my index finger instead of my thumb, so there's probably a bunch of unorthodox ways to do it.
But how would you label them? Like I've noticed up to 5 different sounds on the 3rd fret. On the first harmonic, which is on the first metal bar on the third fret that makes the difference from a Gb to a normal G(2nd fret to 3rd). I'm not sure what to call it...
That bar, when the finger is pressed over it produces the highest harmonic for that specific note. As you go higher on the fret board, as long as you stay on that 3rd fret, the harmonic gets lower. Does this make sense to anyone?

My string gauge is up to at least 52 on the low E string, although it's tuned to C. Can someone with it tuned to E with a lower gauged string? I don't know what the normal gauged string for guitar players with strings tuned to standard, but can someone who uses country/rock strings try this out?

To Tallica9000, did you try it? I do it by pressing the string with my pinky and then strumming.
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