Hey guys,
My band has currently started playing music similar to Whitechapel, Despised icon, mostly deathcore.

But we also have tracks with leads that are influenced by devil driver, lamb of god, trivium and As i lay dying etc.

What string gauge should i choose......some say got for 11-54, some say go for 10-52's and others say 10-60.

I like playing on 10's and dont want to upgrade to 11's. but am confused which set to go in for either DDT 10-60, GHS 10-60's, or go with 10-52's....

GHS are cheaper than DDT. but the main thing for me at the moment is to be able to play both, rhythm and lead on the same guitar.

Please help.
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D'addario 12-54's if you plan on tuning to drop-c or drop-b. If you expect to tune lower, definitely 13-56's.
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I believe 13's are a bit too much and take a longer time to get the fingers used to it....it took me a while to get used to 10's. upgrading to 13's would be like a whole different world, and i think bending and playing leads on that is equally tough.

12's sound reasonable, but then as mentioned before, the lower strings are the main issue here, should i got for 60's 54's or 52's?
If you switch from 10s to 13s you will have to setup everything again. I do not recommend this unless you know what you are doing as far as adjustments go.
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