arite im not an extremely wealthy person, ive been using a Line 6 Spider 3 30watt guitar amp to play bass and its getting alittle bit to crappy, i need a decent new bass amp with i guess atleast 50 watts to play with a drummer now and then, but ive only got around 80-90 dollars. so im going to hit up some pawnshops and whatnot, any advice on what kindove amps to keep an eye out for?
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Hmmm, $80-$90 isn't a whole lot to work with. If you're hitting up pawn shops keep an eye out for some old Peavey combos, they're rather sturdy, and usually aren't too expensive. Maybe look for any Kustom's floating around as well, they're rather loud for their size.
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I would save your pennies for a little longer :P then you might find something your looking for in the pawn shops cause i dunno why i doubt you could find a 50w amp for that cash i would say to be on the safe side have round $120 ish so it gives you a little headroom when looking.

And i agree with Tost, purely cause Peavey's are absoulute beasts can take beating and sound good to boot.
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