WTB: Suhr Riot with Low Serial, Gibson Burstbucker 2 & Gibson 490R with 4 conductor

Looking for:

Suhr "Riot" pedal with Low Serial (below 0010) in mint/excellent condition. Please email me the pics and just name your price

Gibson Burstbucker 2 pickup (any color) with 4 conductor (normally removed from a Les Paul Axcess bridge pickup)


Gibson 490R pickup in zebra bobbin with 4 conductor.

If you have two available... I will buy both of them.

Please PM/email me ( m_a_y_z_a_n@yahoo.com ) with USPS Priority Mail shipping fee to Cypress, CA.

I can pay fast by PayPal.

Sorry to break this to you man.. You'll never find that guitar on here, let alone with a different pickup, let alone being the 1 in 1000s that you want.