Short, sweet, and awesome. There's a bit of a parallel between your solo and some of the tonalities and intervallic movements that I use, ain't that weird? :P
But, I feel that you do a better job. I'm more of a Rhythm and singer-man myself, and what you played really impressed me. Its not chock full o' notes, but its right. There are the right number of notes in that solo, know what I mean? Lotta lead players (Myself included at times) just try to fit in as many notes as possible, but yours sounds RIGHT.

Take a listen to this? Its a full song (Acoustic) of my own writing and recording:
Has a bit of a John Mayer feel to it, a nice groove. Love the harmonics, they work so well to brighten in up and you've done well breaking it up with a few quicker licks their but still retaining steady eighth notes through out in just the right places to keep the pace up. I also like how short it is, all though it leaves you wanting more it's better than it dragging on. The drums work well too, sitting back with a simple beat keeping the emphasis on the guitar. All in all a great listen =D

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