Hey guys.

So, I've had my Fender Rumble 60Watt Bass Amp for about a year, however I bought it second hand - the volumnes been busted on it from the day it arrived, the knob was broken in transit somewhere - I never managed to get it repaired anywhere, I have two guitar shops within a reasonable distance, and niether repair amps (stupid amirite?) - and I really, really, don't wanna open it up myself.

So anyways, just got me a bonus from work, so I have some spare dosh to play with - and figured I might upgrade - but I don't want to go crazy on price - atm, I'm looking at this amp;


Used an Ashdown, not this exact amp though, at a gig once, belonged to the bassist of Psycho Baby - someone may have seen them play a stage somewhere at Glastyonbury last year, I think. But I loved it, and ever since quite fancied owning one.

But looking for recommendations of good amps, if not the above, around the price region of high £100's to low/mid £200's.

Thanks guys!
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Fender Rumble 60 Watt

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The good thing about that combo is that you can add an extension cab.
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That's a good amp, Ashdown make some pretty good stuff. My ex-bassist used to use one and it always sounded good. I say go for it.