So, after all the good feedback I got from Plush and an original of mine, I decided that I'd put this little diddy up. This one's one of the more difficult songs I've done (this coming from a player that plays rhythm guitar for the majority of the time) because its in C open tuning and uses a TON of single-finger full barre chords. Oh, and the vocal's a difficult one too (Chris Cornell having the vocal range of Robert Plant combined with some basses from a Russian men's choir). Take a listen, take a whirl.


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Thanks! There's a point where my voice breaks, and it happens in a horrible spot (With that high note I put in, I could've sung the actual note, but I thought I'd take the chance...)
I wish there was more Soundgarden that could be done acoustically... I tried The Day I Tried To Live and Fell On Black Days, but I have a problem doing them live the right way...
Hey sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I like this. The vocals for the majority are very good. The acoustic guitar sounds kinda dull but that may not be your fault. The back vocals I thought were a bit off at times. None the less it's a good cover. Keep up the good work!
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I don't listen to much soundgarden, but i was very impressed. you've got some strong vocals, man! acoustic sounds pretty solid too!
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Good cover, I think the mix is a little centered at least when talking about the guitar. As for the vocals....really strong voice great track, kinda has an old Zepplin Joplin type feel with it kinda neat. I'd say a little less reverb but that's just me...in any case, good stuff man!