Does anyone here believe they've written their masterpiece; the best piece you will ever be able to write? Or would you say it's impossible to know until you've finished writing completely? I've been wondering whether or not I will be able to write as well as I did last year, and a couple of pieces I wrote in that time I would consider to be my best for a long time to come. I'm curious as to see how many of you believe you've past your best or whether the best has yet to be written. Discuss.
Every second song I write I consider to be my "masterpiece" and worry that I'll never be able to write something better, and every other one I consider to be rubbish and not as good as my "masterpiece".

I'm probably steadily getting better though, so if I'm being rational, no.
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I have... about 5 songs ready now.
And there is one, which I find the best of 'em!

(The 4th in row that I wrote)