Hey Guys,

Pretty old song of mine... After following this forum for many months finally decided to post some of my stuff to.

Will post some stuff later to avoid flooding.

Era.Zuka RapCore.gp5
Writing as I am listening. Intro is pretty cool, builds up nicely. I like the harmonics. The part after that has a lot of chugga chugga, alongside with the F# note played by lead. That F# sounds like a nice addition. A small detail which I like.

The part just before measure 29 is pretty cool as well.

Measure 29 is just badass! Love that riff, it's one of those typical headbang riffs for me. Nice stuff.

The part after that sounds pretty cool, again, the lead part makes it a lot more interesting. A good idea.

The only thing that I'd change is some sort of a breakdown. The part around measure 41 feels like some sort of a breakdown, but the extreme drumming kinda nullifies the slightly less aggressive guitar play.

All in all: nice, chugga chugga headbang song, though a little bit more variety wouldn't hurt methinks


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