Hey guys!

I have a problem....

I had several very important files on a 16GB flash drive and after i used it on my cousins laptop, it's gotten completely ****ed up!
A bunch of folders dont show up as folders anymore!

And there are a few files with gibberish for the names.

Does anyone know any free corrupted-data recovery softwares?
Any help is appreciated!
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Did the laptop have a different operating system? Did you enable hidden folders?

Yeah. The one i initially used it on had Vista.
My cousin's was XP. But the only things i copied from him were a few avi's and several JPG's.

It got corrupted as soon as we opened it on his computer.
Was it porn?
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Was it porn?

Things i lost include:

1. Pictures of me with porcupine tree
2. Vacation pictures of my family and me.
3. One season of Samurai X