So, I've always used the crap cables that come with the guitars I've bought, and my last one is on the verge of going out. Every time I move it seems to give me some form of feedback in response.

So, what's a CHEAP cable that won't give me feedback? 10 feet is good for the length, I'd like to keep it under $20 if possible.
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i wouldnt skimp on cables man, all your doing is killing your tone, and noone wants that
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Mogami cable is good and cheap.
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Meh. Standard Monsters are good enough - and they come with a lifetime warranty...


I don't know about mom and pop shops, but bring in a busted Monster cable into Guitar Center or Daddy's, and they swap it out no questions asked. You don't even need a reciept.

Livewires are decent to. They are Guitar Centers "House" brand. Guitar Center replaces them no questions, no reciept as well.

Do not use cheap cables !!!!!!!!! Get something good and you´ll hear the difference, or maybe you wont hear the shitty sound that you had before. Quality cables make a difference.