Well, I'm heading off to uni in a few months and I'm in the market for an amp. I'm not on a great budget (not much more than 400 euros) but I'm looking for something that I could jam on (which I do regularly) and that could work for gigs (which aren't as regular but still come up every now and then).

Now, the first little thing to come to my attention is the zt lunchbox, it almost looks like it was made for me. Small, portable and apparently it sounds great. I'm a bit skeptical though, I'm no genius on amps but wouldn't the 6,5" speaker mean it doesn't really have a strong bass? Now, seeing that I can hook it up to a cab, the option would probably be to buy the lunchbox and a 1x12 cab to broaden up the sound a bit. Here's where we run into a problem. I know nothing about cabs except for the fact that they would make the portable lunchbox not so portable. Perhaps you guys could throw around a few brands and models which would be around 200-250 euros.

The other option would be to invest in a small tube combo, though I'm not sure if I could find any for such a small budget. I'm open to all kinds of suggestions here...

Also, I play a sort of bluesy, rock, Americana type music. It's hard to describe. I don't really look for a really overdriven tone but something rounder with a strong bass and midrange.

I play a Fender 72 Telecaster Thinline mim.

Crate VTX 65. Really nice and well built solid state amp. I got one used here in the US for 200 USD. And I saw one new 250 USD.
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^ yes.

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Never played the super champ myself but fender amps aren't bad once you get in the 200s
I am not a fan of their built in over drive though since i have never played the super champ I don't know if it has that sound tho. As far as tube amps go fenders are great especially when cranked

The crate is a solid state amp so you can use its distortion at all levels. It is not a huge amp.

Dimensions are about: 53cm X 26cm X 47cm (L x W x H).
It also is pretty light, it weighs between 15kg and 20 Kg and it has a 1x12 speaker.

It also comes with some good built in distortion so it can be played at lower levels. and can also get pretty loud. as well as many built in effects. (I only use reverb, echo and octave myself but there are others).

Also has 3 channels and comes with a foot switch. new and sometimes even used if you are lucky.

However there is no effects loop for pedals and some effects are not very Versatile or noticeable.

It also has bright leds that show what channel you are own, on both the foot switch and the amp itself.

Also there is a built in tuner.
epiphone valve junior? combo and just build a new houseing unit for it and a 12" speaker. seems like the tone you are going for anyway
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I like the look of the Fender Super Champ being not much more expensive than the Lunchbox.

I still want to investigate the option of using the Lunchbox and a cab. I just love the idea of the Lunchbox, it's extremely portable. I like the idea of being able to take just the lunchbox to a loose jam and if I need to gig to bring along the cab.

I'm reading about the Epiphone Valve Junior's cab and it gets very good reviews. Is it a good idea to mix different amps with different cabs? I don't mean about resistances and the whole thing blowing up , but soundwise. Though the Epiphone head and cab also looks tempting, working out at about 200 euros.

And now, the dreaded n00b question! Would the Epiphone Valve Junior(head+cab) be loud enough for gigging without micing? And the Fender Super Champ?

+1 on the Super Champ XD. And it's 15watts, so it's much more powerful than a 5 watt amp.
why on earth would you get a solid state crate amp if you have 400 Euros? You can look at plenty of good tube amps with that much